Crochet Soft Case Pattern – “Doris”

Are you tired of misplacing your glasses or scratching their lenses? Look no further! We’ve got a fun and practical solution for you—a crochet soft case for your glasses. Whether you’re an experienced crocheter or just starting out, this free crochet pattern will guide you step-by-step in crafting a stylish and protective home for your eyewear. Not only is this project quick and easy, but it also makes for a thoughtful handmade gift. Grab your crochet hook and yarn, and let’s get started on this delightful project!

Soft Case Doris

Tools and Materials you will need to make Crochet Soft Case

  • 50gr Hayfield “Baby Blossom” Chunky, 100g=155m / 170yards
  • 4.00mm/G crochet hook
  • Scissors
  • Stitch marker
  • Oval spring toggle stopper x1 if you wish
  • Buttons if you want to add eyes to your fish case x2
  • Tapestry needle that can go through buttons


Approx.24cm (9.3 inch) long and 9cm (3.5 inch) wide when folded in half.  

Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Init. – initial
  • Ch – chain
  • SP – space
  • SLST – slip stitch
  • ST – stitch
  • SC – single crochet
  • DC – double crochet
  • CSDC – chainless starting double crochet
  • Spike SC – insert your hook two rounds down into SC and pull out a long loop level with current round and work SC as normal.
  • FPDC – front post double crochet
  • BPDC – back post double crochet
  • […] – total number of stitches per round

Crochet Soft Case Pattern

Starting the case

  • Chain 34 and close it into the ring.
  • Check that your chain didn’t twist around.

Round 1

  • Ch1 and crochet SC in every ST till the end.
  • Join with SLST into 1st SC. [34 ST]

Round 2

  • Ch1 + SC in the same ST, SC in next Ch1 SP.
  • (SC in next ST, SC in next Ch1 SP) – repeat till the end of the round.
  • Join with SLST into 1st SC. [34 SC]

Round 3

  • Ch1 + SC in the same ST, SC in next Ch1 SP.
  • (SC in next ST, SC in next Ch1 SP) – repeat till the end of the round.
  • Join with SLST into 1st SC. [34 SC]

Round 4

  • Ch1 + SC in the same ST, Ch1.
  • (Skip one ST, SC in next ST, Ch1) – repeat till the end of the round.
  • Join with SLST into 1st SC. [SC x 17, Ch1 x 17]

Round 5

  • Now you need to crochet Spike SC, Ch1.
  • Mark 1st Spike SC with stitch marker as from now on you will crochet in the continues rounds and this marker will help you to see the beginning of each round. Don’t forget to move it up every round.
  • (Skip one ST, make Spike SC, Ch1) – repeat till your marker. Make one Spike SC into SLST of R3. Don’t close this round. [Spike SC x 18, Ch1 x 17]

Rounds 6 to 45

  • Continue recreating the pattern of Spike SC + Ch1. Don’t forget to crochet Spike SC two rounds down in SC.
  • Move your stitch marker every time you reach it. When all 45 rounds done you need to check if this length is enough to hide your glasses inside. If not – add so many rounds as you need and then continue with Round 46.

Round 46

  • Crochet Spike SC only, skipping Spike SC of previous Round.
  • [Spike SC x 17]

Round 47

  • Crochet Spike SC only into Spike SCs of Round 45.
  • [Spike SC x 17]

Round 48

  • Fold your case in half and crochet through both ST a SLST x 9.
  • You will have 9 ST.

Round 49

  • Turn your work. Crochet CSDC in the 1st ST (over the SLST you’ve just made) using the same ST you used for closing fish tail.
  • Crochet DC in every ST. [DC x 9]

Round 50

  • Turn your work. Crochet CSDC DC in 1st ST,
  • DC between 1st and 2nd DC of R49,
  • FPDC ar. next ST.
  • (DC between next 2 DC’s, FPDC ar. next ST) – repeat till you have left 1 DC. Crochet DC into it.
  • [DC x 10, FPDC x 7,]

Round 51

  • Turn your work. Make CSDC in 1st ST.
  • (FPDC ar. next ST, BPDC ar. next ST) – repeat till last ST and crochet DC in it. [DC x 2, FPDC x 8, BPDC x 7]

Round 52

  • Turn your work. Make CSDC in 1st ST.
  • (BPDC ar. next ST, FPDC ar. next ST) – repeat till last 2 ST. Crochet BPDC ar. next ST, DC in last ST.
  • Cut the yarn. Hide yarn tail. [DC x 2, FPDC x 7, BPDC x 8]

Making a tie

  • To make a string Chain 60, cut the yarn.
  • Insert it into arches of R2.
  • You can tight it up with a bow or you can use some oval spring toggle stopper.
  • You can leave your “Doris” case as it is or you can sew some buttons to create “eyes”.
  • It is up to you to decide which look you prefer most. Your case is ready. Enjoy it!

Crochet Soft Case “Doris” PDF Pattern

If you want to get printable PDF pattern with detailed instructions and pictures for each round, it can be purchased from one of our stores:


Congratulations on completing your handmade soft case for glasses! With just a few basic crochet stitches, you’ve created a functional and stylish accessory that will keep your glasses safe and scratch-free. This project not only enhances your crochet skills but also provides a personal touch to an everyday item. Don’t forget to share your creations with friends and family—they make wonderful, heartfelt gifts. Keep exploring new free patterns on our site to expand your crochet repertoire. Happy crocheting!

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