Crochet Placemat Free Pattern – “Rosa Perle”

Are you ready to transform your table with timeless elegance? Elevate your dining experience with a beautiful handmade crochet placemat. From everyday meals to festive celebrations, our crochet placemats are the perfect addition to any table setting. They make an excellent choice for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and are also ideal for tea parties, and other special events. Crocheting a placemat using our free pattern is a fulfilling and creative endeavor that results in a functional piece of home decoration. Whether you’re new to crocheting or a seasoned pro, making a placemat allows you to explore various patterns, stitches, and techniques, all while creating something that adds warmth and personality to your dining table.

crochet placemat

Tools and Materials you will need to make Crochet Placemat

Materials Required per 1 Placemat

  • 2 skeins of Drops You 9 (colour 102), 100% Cotton, 50g (1.80z) = 125m (136 yds)
  • 1 ball of Anchor Freccia (colour 09427), 100% Cotton, 50g = 285m

Tools Required

  • Crochet hook 3.5 mm
  • Embriodery needle
  • Scissors

Measurements of Placemat

  • Finished Placemat after blocking = 30 x 44cm / 12″ x 17″

Abbreviations (US Terms)

  • Unf. – Unfinished
  • Ch – Chain
  • SP – Space
  • ST – Stitch
  • SC – Single crochet
  • HDC – Half double crochet
  • DC – Double Crochet
  • CSDC – Chainless standing double crochet
  • 3DCtog – Crochet 3 DC together using 3 stitches

Crochet Placemat Pattern

Starting Off

Start with Ch60.

Row 1

crochet placemat
  • Ch1, make SC in 2nd Ch from the hook.
  • SC in every Ch till the end of this row. [60 ST]

Row 2

  • Turn your work.
  • Crochet SC in every ST till the end of this row. [60 ST]

Row 3

  • Turn your work.
  • Crochet HDC in every ST till the end of this row. [60 ST]

Row 4

  • Turn your work.
  • Crochet CSDC in 1st ST and DC in next 2 ST ( use BACK LOOP + 3rd loop and leave FRONT loop unworked), crochet DC in every FRONT LOOP till last 3 ST.
  • Make DC in last 3 ST ( use BACK LOOP + 3rd loop and leave FRONT loop unworked). [60 ST]

Row 5 – 16

  • You will need to repeat Row 3 and Row 4 for 6 times.

Row 17

  • Turn your work.
  • Crochet CSDC in 1st ST, DC in next 2 ST, Ch1.
  • (3DCtog using next3 ST, Ch2) – repeat till last 6 ST.
  • Crochet 3DCtog, Ch1, DC in next 3 ST

Row 18

  • Turn your work.
  • Make SC in 1st ST, SC in next 2 ST, SC in Ch1 SP.
  • (SC in top of 3DCtog, 2 SC in Ch2 SP) – repeat till last 3DCtog.
  • SC in top of it, SC in Ch1 SP, SC in last 3 ST.

Row 19

  • Turn your work.
  • CSDC in 1st ST, DC in next 2 ST, skip one ST, 3 DC in next ST.
  • (Skip 2 ST, 3 DC in next ST) – repeat till last 4 ST. Skip one ST, make DC in next 3 ST.

Row 20

  • Turn your work
  • Make SC in every ST till the end of the row.

Row 21 – 44

  • From this point you will need to repeat Rows 17 – 20 for 6 times more. You will have 7 repeats total.

Row 45

  • Repeat Row 17.

Row 46

  • Repeat Row 18.

Row 47

  • Repeat Row 19.

Row 48

  • Make CSDC in 1st ST, DC in every ST till the end of this Row.

Rows 49 – 60

  • You will need to repeat Row 3 and Row 4 for 6 times.

Row 61

  • Repeat Row 3.

Row 62

  • Repeat Row 2.

Row 63

  • Repeat Row 2.
  • Cut the yarn. Hide yarn tail.

You can block your placemat if you wish, so all sides are even.

This is it, your crochet placemat is ready!


Congratulations on completing your new crochet placemat! Your new placemat is ready to protect and beautify your dining table. It adds a touch of handmade elegance to meals, whether casual or formal. Celebrate the time, effort, and creativity you’ve invested in this project. Crocheting is not just a craft; it’s a form of relaxation, a way to express yourself, and a means to create something beautiful and lasting. Enjoy the beauty and functionality it brings to your home, and take pride in your handcrafted accomplishment. .Keep exploring new free patterns on our site to expand your crochet repertoire. Happy crocheting!

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