How to make best Crochet Chart?

Sooner or later every passionate crocheter comes to and idea to make and sell their crochet patterns or their own crochet charts (crochet diagrams) . That is great idea, but it is without any doubts a huge leap forward. The difference between regular crocheter and pattern maker is about same as one between passionate music listener and a musician. But nevertheless, decision is made and it is time to make the first pattern. Let’s take a look which crochet chart maker you can use to draw it.

crochet chart maker

Many pattern makers drafting their crochet chart pattern on the paper first, however, then it needs to be presented to whole world isn’t it? While crochet patterns consisting from instructions are straightforward to make, charts are different story – they must be drawn. There are three methods you can use to create a best crochet chart, one you can sell:

  1. Draw and Scan – simply using pen and paper
  2. Use online tool.
  3. Use Adobe Illustrator to make a professional looking chart.

Let’s take a closer look into each of the methods.

A closer look

Draw and scan. Not surprisingly this is one of the most commonly used method for making crochet pattern diagrams. The crochet diagram is being drawn by hand and then scanned and saved as a picture. It has obvious advantage as it does not require you to learn any new skills (almost). However, downside is that it has some imperfections and building blocks / elements cannot be easily re-used in your further patterns. Online based, free crochet chart maker – it also provides capability to create charts for Kitting, Quilting and other crafts. One of the great features there is massive library of crochet stitch icons in various formats including .svg format. This is very useful with next method. Downloading .svg files is only available for Premium subscribers for £2 a month. Also, we have made a video tutorial, showing, how to create a crochet chart using the service: How to make a crochet chart using

Adobe Illustrator. In my humble opinion this is best method to create precise and good-looking crochet charts. Unfortunately, the software is not cheap. Monthly subscription is about £30 if paid monthly, which can be reduced to £20 with commitment for the full year. While this software will allow you create most beautiful crochet charts of any complexity it will require you to develop some new skills. You can check out this book or search for a video course on YouTube.


Check out our crochet pattern diagrams in our store – Crochet Charts. I hope this information will help your journey to become a crochet chart maker. Share you thoughts in the comments below and good luck!

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