Is it worth to crochet corner to corner? Free c2c crochet patterns.

There are dozens of different crochet techniques, some are more suitable for specific type of craft than others. One of the techniques is called corner to corner crochet or as it commonly referred – c2c crochet. As the name suggest its basic idea is to start your crochet from one corner and finish in to opposite corner. Which also means that it is best used for making items which have corners. That, however, does not mean that you are limited to c2c rectangle. You can make triangle shaped items using the method as well.

corner to corner crochet blanket

What is it that making the method special? In my opinion there are two main qualities that distinguish c2c crochet from other techniques:

  1. It is made using building blocks, sometimes referred as pixels. That means that you can crochet almost every image with very fine level of details. All you need is to decide how granular you want your c2c pattern to be by setting size of your pixels and number of color tones. You can easily make your free c2c design by converting an image using free online tool at Stitch Fiddle or PCStitch (not free).
  2. Items created using c2c crochet technique are double-sided meaning that both sides of the item are looking identically. That is very important quality for blankets or shawls which makes them so much better-looking.

So, now you are ready to make four first item using c2c crochet technique. Below we list some free c2c crochet patterns you may want to use.

Hobbii has number of free c2c crochet patterns, like:

Also, you can check our Youtube c2c crochet blanket tutorial – that is comprehensive video guide on how to make corner to corner blanket.

If you want to continue to exploring corner to corner crochet – check Amazon for books about c2c – there are plenty ready-to-make project available. Also, when you have made your first blanket, don’t forget to explore how it should be maintained to stay beautiful – How to Wash a Wool Blanket: Preserving the Hand-Made Treasure.

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