What do you need to crochet a perfect granny square?

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Crochet granny square is extremely popular, they are easy to make and can be used as building block for multitude of items, such as blankets, ponchos, or bags, for example our Tote Bag “Polar Fire”.

There are huge number of ready-to-use designs available, both free and paid. All you need is just a few tools, and you will be ready to start making your project made from granny squares.

So, this is what you need to crochet a granny square:

  • Yarn
  • Hook
  • Blocking board or mat
  • Crochet blocker board / mat
  • Needle
  • Scissors

Yarn is one most important ingredient of any crochet item. Your choice of crochet yarn would depend on item you are making.

While any yarn can be used for blankets made from granny squares, you need to keep in mind that 100% wool yarn is itchy, also yarn with some sparkle addition may also be itchy and may make your blanket uncomfortable. The type of the yarn (lace, 2 ply, fingering, 4 ply, sport/baby, DK, Aran, Chunky, Super Chunky) is also very important as the size of your blanket depends on it. For baby blankets it is better to use some Baby Yarn as it is much softer than the others.

If you making big and bulky bag from your granny squares I would recommend Ribbon yarn. This is flat, knit type that looks amazing when it’s knit or crocheted). For shopper/tote bags – cotton or cotton/acrylic or bamboo and also you can add some glitter (100% polyester) that will make your bag look shiny.

Check out yarn in those shops:

crochet granny square

Now, the hook. The hook size will define texture of your work, smaller the size of the hook (usually shown in millimeters, 1.75 mm, 2.5mm, etc.) tighter your work will be in the end. Apart from size there is another important quality of the hook – it’s ergonomics. While you likely to be able to complete your project with any hook – good ergonomic hook will make that time much more enjoyable. Also, some creators may also consider look of the hook as important. Here are some choices of hooks:

The pattern. While you can make your own pattern, you may consider it faster to use one of the patterns already available – here you can download free crochet patterns of granny squares:

Granny Square Patterns at Hobbii

One important tool specifically for crochet granny squares is crochet blocker board or crochet blocker mat. It will allow you straighten your granny square to have much better look. When you finished your granny square, you need to stretch it evenly on one of the blockers like this Crochet Blocker Boards, slightly water it and leave it for one or two days.  

Finally, scissors and needles are general tool everyone have at home, but if you want to make beautiful photos of your creation, you may want to buy some fancy scissors or needles.

And this is it, now you are ready to make your beautiful granny square!

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