Amigurumi Eyes: Breathing Life into Yarn Creations

Amigurumi Eyes

Amigurumi, the ancient Japanese art of creating delightfully intricate stuffed toys through crochet or knitting, holds a special place in the hearts of artisans and enthusiasts alike. These cuddly creatures, ranging from mythical beings to lifelike animals, captivate their audience not just with their intricate patterns but also with their expressive eyes. While there are various techniques to craft eyes, including beads, buttons, or safety eyes, embroidery remains the most versatile and endearing method. This article delves into the world of embroidering eyes on amigurumi, ensuring your handmade companions have soulful gazes.

Why Choose Embroidered Amigurumi Eyes?

Before diving into the “how,” let’s explore the “why” of embroidered eyes:

  1. Safety First: Especially if the amigurumi is intended for infants or pets, embroidered eyes eliminate the risk of small parts coming loose and becoming potential hazards.
  2. Versatility: From simplistic dots to expressive, detailed eyes, embroidery offers limitless possibilities.
  3. Durability: Properly stitched eyes are resilient, ensuring longevity.

Materials You’ll Need:

Setting the Stage: Positioning the Eyes

The positioning of the eyes is pivotal. They dictate the expression and character of your amigurumi:

  1. Symmetry: Ensure both eyes are aligned at the same level unless you’re going for a quirky look.
  2. Spacing: The distance between the eyes can drastically alter the appearance. Closer eyes can give a cute appearance, while wider-set eyes can create a wise or mature look.

Embroidering the Basics

  1. Simple Dot Eyes:
    • From the amigurumi’s back, push the needle through to one marked point, leaving a tail.
    • Create a tiny stitch over the marked spot.
    • Reinforce with another stitch, ensuring the dot’s durability.
    • Securely knot the yarn or thread at the back.
  2. Oval or Round Eyes:
    • Begin at the eye shape’s bottom, bringing the needle from the back to the desired eye’s top.
    • Reinsert at the bottom, forming a semi-outline.
    • Continue creating the outline, ensuring an even, symmetrical shape.
    • Fill the shape using horizontal stitches.
  3. Securing: It’s crucial to ensure your work won’t unravel. Knot the yarn or thread securely, weaving the tail through the amigurumi’s inner stitches before trimming any excess.

Elevating Your Amigurumi’s Gaze

The beauty of embroidered eyes lies in the details:

  1. Eyelids: Create a subtle, curved line above or below the eye. A contrasting color can make it pop.
  2. Eyelashes: Radiating small stitches from the eye’s corners can add femininity or drama.
  3. Eye Highlights: A small white stitch within the eye captures light reflections, providing depth and a spark of life.

Tips & Tricks for Perfect Eyes Every Time:

  • Practice on Scraps: Before venturing onto the final piece, practice on spare yarn or fabric. This ensures consistency and confidence.
  • Inspiration Abounds: Use real animals, cartoons, or other amigurumi photos as reference points.
  • Tension Matters: Ensure your stitches are neither too tight (which can deform your amigurumi) nor too loose (which can appear untidy).

Addressing Challenges with a amigurumi eyes

Embroidering eyes on amigurumi isn’t without its challenges, but with a little patience and know-how, they’re easily surmountable:

  1. Uneven Eyes: If one eye is larger or differently shaped, don’t panic. Use the larger eye as a reference and enlarge the smaller eye to match.
  2. Positioning Woes: If you feel the eyes are wrongly positioned after embroidery, it’s a tedious but correctable mistake. Gently snip the stitches and re-embroider.


The soul of amigurumi lies in its eyes. Embroidered eyes, with their myriad styles and endless possibilities, provide a depth and personal touch that other methods might miss. Whether you’re crafting a serene rabbit, a mischievous dragon, or a whimsical fairy, their eyes tell their story. And with the above techniques and tips, your amigurumi will always look into the world (or at their creator) with perfect, expressive eyes.

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