Crochet tools for beginners: First Steps into a World of Threads

Ah, crochet! It’s where art meets therapy, where color meets texture, and where dreams meet reality – one loop at a time. Starting my own crochet journey felt like learning a secret language. But like every new skill, the right tools can make all the difference. So, if you’re poised at the brink of this exciting world or want to surprise your friend – here’s a longer, more detailed look at the essential crochet tools for beginners sand my personal recommendations on where to find them.

Crochet tools for beginners

The Mighty Crochet Hook

Perhaps the most intimate tool in a crocheter’s arsenal, crochet hooks are akin to a painter’s brush. Check out our article on crochet hooks: Best Crochet Hooks for Beginners: An Essential Guide.

What they are: They’re long, slender implements, with a hooked end. While they come in various materials like aluminum, bamboo, or even luxe rosewood, for beginners, the grip and ease of use are paramount.

Where to find them: Big craft stores such as Michael’s or Hobby Lobby always carry a variety. Personally, my first set was from Joann’s, reasonably priced and perfect for a newbie. As you delve deeper, you might want to explore artisanal hooks available on Etsy – each one feels like holding a piece of art.

Yarn – The Heartbeat of Every Project

The sheer variety can be dizzying, but oh, the joy of running your fingers through them!

What it is: Spun threads, in countless fibers from cotton to alpaca, that you’ll weave into creations. For beginners, I’d suggest medium-weight yarns, often labeled as ‘worsted’ – they’re forgiving and easy to work with.

Where to find it: Local yarn shops (LYS) are charming pockets of warmth and advice. However, if you’re looking for volume and deals, chains like Walmart or Hobby Lobby offer basics. Online platforms like Yarnspirations or KnitPicks provide a broader spectrum of choices, especially if you’re looking for exotic or hand-dyed yarns.

Stitch Markers – Your Little Helpers

Especially when starting, it’s easy to lose count of stitches. So, it is when one of the essential crochet tools for beginners comes in – stitch markers.

What they are: Tiny markers, often looking like little plastic rings or cute trinkets, that you can insert into specific stitches to keep track.

Where to find them: Available at most craft shops, but for uniquely crafted or themed stitch markers, I love scouring Etsy. Some crafters use safety pins or paper clips, proving that innovation knows no bounds!

Yarn Needles – Weaving in the Tales

Once you’ve finished that beautiful scarf or beanie, you’ll need to weave in the loose ends or sometimes, join yarns together. Enter yarn needles.

What they are: These are large-eye needles, which make threading the thicker yarn easier.

Where to find them: Almost any store that sells yarn or sewing supplies will have these. Amazon and Wish also offer packs of yarn needles at very affordable prices.

Measuring Tape – Keeping It Accurate

If you’re making a wearable or a project that needs precise dimensions, you’ll want a trusty measuring tape.

What it is: A flexible tape, usually rolling into a small case, marked for measurements.

Where to find it: Any sewing or craft store. Even places like Walmart or Target in their sewing sections.

Handy Scissors

A good pair of sharp scissors is indispensable.

What they are: Ideally, you’d want a dedicated pair for your crochet projects to keep them sharp.

Where to find them: Craft or stationery shops usually have good quality scissors. I picked up my favorite pair from ScissorMall, an online specialty store that blends functionality with design flair.

Gauge Checkers – Ensuring Uniformity

Once you’ve got the hang of basic stitches, you’ll want to ensure consistency.

What they are: These are tools with holes of varying sizes to check your stitch dimensions against standard sizes.

Where to find them: Specialty crochet or knitting stores usually carry these. Online platforms like Amazon or LoveCrafts also offer a variety.

Crochet Tote or Crochet Tools Organizer

As your collection of tools grows, you’ll need something to keep them organized.

What it is: A bag or organizer designed to hold your hooks, yarns, and other tools.

Where to find it: Joann’s and Michael’s have a good range of craft bags. If you’re looking for something more personalized, Etsy artisans make gorgeous custom crochet totes.

Concluding Stitches

The world of crochet is vast and colorful. As you embark on this beautiful journey, remember, tools are just facilitators; the real magic is in your hands. But yes, having the right crochet tools for beginners does make the journey smoother. From one human to another, welcome to the world of crochet, and may every stitch bring you joy!

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